Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Nando's "Ramadan Kareem"

I was asked by Campaign Middle East to write an article on advertising during Ramadan. I criticized the lack of creativity when it comes to this Holy Month and I had to back up my words with action. We came up with this idea in the first week of Ramadan last year and after just seven days the spot was sold, produced and running in countries around the Middle East and South Africa. I've never turned a TV ad around so quickly and thanks to the team at Nando's and Filworks, we were able to make it happen before the end of Ramadan.

We also launched the ad virally and the spot created so much interest, that I was receiving calls from Europe, the States as well as from countries around the Middle East. People started posting the ads on their blogs, on YouTube and other advertising websites. Heated debates were born and at the end of the day, the feedback was incredibly positive.

The spot was directed by Peter Walker and myself and apart from appearing on the Shots reel and on Luerzer’s Archive, it went on to win a Gold at the 2007 Epica Awards.

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