Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sony "Paperclip"

We were on a roll, but we needed a bigger client and we targeted Sony. The idea was born long before Tonic ever existed. It’s an idea, my previous Art Director and good friend, Jamie Mietz and I had come up with while walking in one of the home electronic shops in Dubai. I did the ads up and after our first meeting with Sony, we sold them the concepts. It was the start of a great relationship.

In 2005, Sony “Paperclip” went on to win the Middle East’s first Gold at the One Show and the Region’s first Gold Lion at Cannes. It was also listed as the 28th best print ad of 2005 in the Gunn Report. Here’s to proactive work!

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Froggystyle said...

You rock!I can't help loving these ones! Even Steve Jobs used the envelope thing afterwards to launch the MacBook Air.