Friday, November 23, 2007

Magic Energy Drink

Although these three spots turned out ok, they were never meant to see the light of day. Originally, the scripts were a safe backup for our ‘big, really cool, Cannes Gold idea’. But the advertising gods were not looking down on us that day and the spot was canceled at the last minute.

Anyway, our backups were produced by Commercials in Istanbul, Directed by Olaf van Gerwen and Art Directed by Diya Ajit. The titles were done by Greg Meeks from Flic, South Africa and the music and sound design were done by MassiveMusic, Amsterdam. I think they turned out really nicely and they’ll do the job. Shooting in Istanbul was a great experience. The crew and production were great, but they fell a little short in their post. Maybe our crap budget had something to do with it.


Ivan Raszl said...
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Ivan Raszl said...

I like them. The office is the best. Can I post them on AotW?

Moey said...

hahahaha amazing, liked the different music on tv.